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aerial shot of charleston The spectator exterior of the building the spectator lobby and front desk Young couple carrying luggage and walking out of the Spectator Hotel thespectator gallery 01 The Spectator lobby A Spectator signature cocktail girl riding a bike with basket Spectator King deluxe room man and woman intimately sitting on the bed and drinking coffee The Spectator balcony Man pouring coffee for breakfast The Spectator Hotel Couple on the balcony street with clock tower TheSpectator-Gallery-5-5978def279ac8.jpg man in a suit drinking a whiskey and looking out the window The Spectator bedroom suite woman wearing a black dress and applying red lipstick in front of the mirror thespectator gallery 03 woman sitting in the back of a limo looking out the window The Spectator bedroom with window overlooking Charleston aerial view of charleston The Spectator car services man shining a pair of black mens shoes The Spectator lobby and front desk The Spectator Butler Services The Spectator bathroom luxy Downtown Charleston Harbor spectator hotel exterior shot The Spectator Hotel couple enjoying a drink together vintage bicycle The Spectator bartender pouring a drink couple sneaking a kiss in the hallway thespectator gallery 02 spectator lobby Couple Sitting at the bar The Spectator bathroom The spectator king room man reading the newspaper in a robe while eating breakfast