The Bar

Open from 4pm to 11pm Sunday – Thursday and 4pm-12am Friday & Saturday.

Southern hospitality mandates that there are no strangers here.

If The Spectator Hotel is the place to be and to be seen, here is a place you can just be. Step inside and feel a delicious combination of the exuberance of the 1920s speakeasy and the ease of the Jazz Age. The Spectator’s bar is a place to gather, socialize and enjoy life.

As you wind down your day, you’ll cherish the warm embrace of this intimate space. We understand the nourishing and nurturing nature of a well-made, well-deserved beverage. As a result, we’ve invested in a mixologist who believes drinks should be made in a similar fashion to medicine: a precise balance of art, science and serious business. And like a pharmacist, our in-house mixologist will fill the prescription for what ails you.


Meet Our Bartender:

Emanating the nostalgic past time of the 1920s speakeasy and spirit of Charleston’s Historic District, cocktail artisan Allen Lancaster serves up hand-crafted libations packed with seasonal southern flair at the Spectator Bar. Lancaster’s cocktail program entails cleverly-named classic drinks with a modern flair, all reminiscent of the roaring decade. 

Drink Menu

Craft Cocktails


Hoodoo Carre | 14.00

Hoodoo Liqueur | *Calhoun’s Rye | Sherry Brandy | Ancho Reyes | Benedictine | Creole Bitters | Peychaud Bitters

Zozzled & Zonked | 14.00

*Gentry Bourbon | Armagnac | Lustau Pedro Ximenez Sherry | Chestnut-Black Pepper Puree | House Smoked Bitters

Shoot Yer Rye Out | 12.00

Bulleit Rye | *Tolerance Liqueur | St Elizabeth Allspice Dram | Fresh Lime Juice | Ginger Beer

Distillery to Liver | 12.00

*Virgil Kaine High Rye Bourbon | Averna Amaro | St. George Raspberry Liqueur | Fresh Lemon Juice | Blenheim’s Ginger Ale

Bad-Nana-Jamma | 13.00

*Striped Pig Spiced Rum | Giffard Banane du Bresil | Banana-Vanilla Puree | Housemade Hazelnut Orgeat | *Tradesman Coconut Stout | Walnut Bitters

The Dude Imbibes | 12.00

Chai-Vanilla Cathead Vodka | *Carolina Cream Liqueur | Almond Milk | Espresso-St George Coffee Liqueur Ice Cube

Winter’s Awakening | 12.00

St. George Terroir Gin | Boomsma Cloosterbitter | Cucumber | Szechuan Peppercorn | Rosemary | Fresh Lemon Juice

Provocateur | 13.00

Novo Fogo “Barrel Aged” Cachaca | Green Chartreuse | Rosemary-Muscovado Gomme Syrup | Fresh Lime Juice

Scrumtrulescent (spicy*) | 13.00

Housemade Cayenne Spiced Hot Chocolate | Selvarey Cacao Rum | Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur | White Chocolate Whipped Cream


* Local Product

Classic Cocktails


Boulevardier | 13.00

*Gentry Bourbon | Campari | Carpano Antica

Brandy Alexander| 10.00

Torres 10yr Sherry Brandy | Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur | Cream

Blood and Sand | 12.00

Glenmorangie 10yr | Cherry Heering | Dolin Sweet Vermouth | Fresh Orange Juice

Bijou | 11.00

*Jasper’s Gin | Green Chartreuse | Martelletti Sweet Vermouth

Sidecar | 11.00

Courvoisier VS | Cointreau | Fresh Lemon Juice

Millionaire No.1 | 11.00

Appleton Estate Rum | Plymouth Sloe Gin | Apricot Brandy |Fresh Lime Juice |House Grenadine

Grasshopper | 11.00

Hennessy VS | White Crème de Menthe | Cream

Sazerac | 14.00

*Calhoun’s Rye | Peychaud Bitters | Simple Syrup | Absinthe Rinse

Vieux Carre | 12.00

Templeton Rye | Hennessy VS | Dolin Sweet Vermouth | Benedictine |Peychaud Bitters |Angostura Bitters

Corn ‘N Oil | 10.00

Cruzan Blackstrap Rum| Cruzan Dark Rum| Falernum| Fresh Lime Juice| Angostura Bitters


* Local Product

Please Note: there is also a large selection of wines and beers